Before You Come

To get the most out of your visit, here's a few pointers!

Is this your first climbing experience?

Don’t hesitate to mention to the staff that it’s your first time trying bouldering. Our team of supervisors and animators is always happy to accompany you and inform you of the basic safety rules and tips. They will explain to you how the climbing section works and teach you the problem rating levels. They will recommend the preferred equipment (use of chalk, shoes, etc.), and will even guide you in your practice in order to make your initiation as enjoyable as possible.


  • For families and groups of less than 20 people, reservations are not required.
  • If you are more than 20 people, please fill out a reservation request form.

Sign the waiver

  • Sign our waiver once to access all of our centers. By filling out the waiver prior to your arrival, you ensure a quick and efficient process at the reception.
  • Participants under the age of 18 must be registered in the waiver of a parent or legal guardian.

Check the schedule

  • Before you come, make sure to check the schedule.

Shoes and active wear.

  • To access the climbing section, climbing shoes or clean, indoor running shoes are required.
  • Climbing shoes are recommended for optimal performance while climbing. If you need to rent climbing shoes, they are available at the reception for $5 per day.
  • Wear comfortable, flexible active wear to ensure ample movement. Avoid wearing jewelry.

Bring your locks.

  • We have lockers available for those who wish to store their belongings while you enjoy your visit. A personal lock is recommended if you wish to keep your belonging safe.


  • We invite you to bring your own snacks and drinks into the center, however, they must be consumed in the designated areas only.
  • We also have snacks and drinks available in our café area.

Read our safety rules

  • Take a minute to familiarize yourself with our centers safety rules.

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